Product Feed App compatible with Shopify Geolocation App's Currency conversion

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Hi There,

I've recently moved our brand accounts to Shopify payments and enabled Shopify's Geolocation app to sell internationally.

The objectives:

Shopify Payments - to allow multi-currency checkout for our international customers.

Shopify Geolocations app - to enable the display of preferred currency of the customer. (It seems shopify has specific rounding rules for multi-currency transactions which Geolocations seem to be able to display.)

I'm now looking for a Product feed app that let's me create multiple datafeeds to push across different marketing channels and in different currency's. I've had a look on the app marketplace but it wasn't clear if any of the product feed apps could pull the correct converted price from shopify. I was hoping to automate this process so that the pricing could update daily with the fluctuation of the daily currency conversion + shopify's existing rounding rules. 


  • Can create multiple product/data feeds across different marketing channels. (e.g facebook, google, ebay, etc).
  • Can create multiple feeds for each marketing channel. (e.g create a google AU and google US feed)
  • Can custom columns on each feed with user defined rules. (e.g append brand name to prefix of existing product title).
  • Most importantly can pull the correct shopify currency data for each country/currency that shopify Geolocation app displays on your website. 

If there is no such app has anyone come up with a workaround? I would like to start investing marketing spend internationally but don't want to administrate my own datafeeds.



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You may potentially use Geo Links tool.


It can generate short URL links that auto direct your visitors to correct URLs based on their geolocations. Such short URL can be used for your product feeds/data feeds shared on your marketing channels.


First, let's take a look of the URLs regarding your current multi-currency check out payments. If the currency is changed, it adds a parameter to the URL, for example, if UK, if US, if Australia.


With Geo Links tool, it can detect your website visitors' geolocations by IP and auto direct your visitors to correct URL links based on their locations. You can easily set up redirecting rules and corresponding URLs by location segments. Shopify platform is perfectly supported. For more details, you can look at the post: Geo Link Quick Start Guide 


Hope it helps!

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Hi  @MichaelGeo ,


Thanks but I think your missing the point. I'm looking for a product/data feed app that can pull shopify's multi currency pricing so that I can set up google merchant feeds and facebook product feeds with the various product pricing based on currency of region.

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Hello I have same problems.

.Did you find a solution?