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Maybe I am missing something, but is there some (free or inexpensive) way to create product filters?

I want something similar to what's on this Shopify site:

I understand that this would require quite a bit of product tagging to make it work - but all of the apps I have found cost A LOT (like some are $30+ monthly) and don't even look or function like this. 

I'm really surprised that this isn't a standard Shopify function given how limited displaying products/categories is.

I appreciate any insight or recommendations!


Hi Musedesign,

To get something similar to the sample store you shared. You need to use a filter app

Unfortunately, Shopify doesn't have such functions.

I understand that pricing is a huge factor for you here, but with a $30 / month budget. You can get exactly that function and style with our Ultimate Filter and Search App

Click the sample links below to see some live stores using our app



I know you will find our app useful.

Collins Mbaka | Support Specialist @ Collection Filter and Search Bar

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