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I'm looking for an app that will use our tags to create a mutli-column drop down on our homepage and based on the user's criteria they choose, will take them to a pre-configured collection based on their choices. We use Power Tools Filter Menu for something similar on our collection pages, but we would want this to work more like a widget to drive them to collection pages based on their choices in the drop down. Does this exist?

Would be similar to something like this that you'd see on a real estate site or something like that, but for our products.

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Hey, Andrea!

Ciara here from Shopify. Thanks for posting. :)

There's a nifty app here that seems close to what you describe.

It's called Sort Collections

However, it's worth doing some financial forecasting to see if it might perhaps be a better ROI to work with a dev team to do this small customisation for you?

A once-off hiring of a dev to do the work, would likely work out more cost-effective than a monthly app subscription over the long term perhaps :)

^^^ All of these experts come well-recommended, and are well-priced :)

I hope this helps!


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I know this is an old thread but the app you recommended no longer exists. Is there a similar one that can accomplish the same function?


Thanks in advance.