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I'm new to shopify and have a problem.  I do t-shirt customization and sales and am currently doing a fundraiser for our local basketball team.  The shop is set up and I have all the available options listed.  Where I run into a problem is I need to be able to have a spot for the customer to add a name to the back of the shirt if they so choose for an additional $5.  I thought I had this set up with the app Infinite Product Options but I had issues setting that up and when they helped me, it requires each order to add something to the back and is charging them the additional $5.  You can't not have something in the name field and move to add the item to the cart.  I've reached out to them and have been advised they have forwarded it on to their app experts but it will be Monday before they can resolve it because it is the weekend.  I can't wait.  The store is live.  The fundraiser is only going on for two weeks and we need to get this going now.


My question is, what can I do?  Is there a work around?  I'm open to any and all solutions.  I just need this up and running like yesterday!

Can someone help?


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I hope you found a solution. But with infinite options, I think you just add a product with a $5 price and then use conditional logic, "would you like to add your name" then use that response to show the text input option and add the $5.00 product.  If that does not work have a look at w3 options, it can do what I suggested.