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We are building a store which will come in 2 or 3 languages. We also need extra product-options. Now I'm looking for an app for extra product-options which supports multiple languages. 

There are a lot of apps for product-options, but most don't mention the fact if they support translating. 

Any suggestions ? 

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Hi Thiqua,

We have a good proposal for you. Our app provides fully translated product pages and all the rest of your online store into several languages.

In the list of numerous useful functions of the Langshop app you can find the possibility to translate images depending on the language chosen by the customer. These can be the product options that you've been searching for, with a qualitative translating system.

You always can download the app here and try it for free within 14-days trial period.

Thanks for your attention.

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I too have not found a suitable product options app and I've been through many of them by now browsing all their support documentation. It seems impossible to have complex product options in a multilingual Shopify webshop.

I actually came very far with Infinite Product Options by HulkApps (which has an input for custom javascript), by using a piece of javascript to select the right label translations, only to find it doesn't work in the cart/checkout pages

Here's the trick I was using (default language is 'nl', Dutch):

display name: "default[Voorbeeld van waar je naar op zoek bent]en[Example of what you are looking for]"


let lang = window.location.pathname.split("/")[1] == 'en' ? 'en' : 'default';

$('.hulkapps_option_name').each(function() {
$('.hulkapps_option_name div').each(function() {

function fixTranslations($labelDiv) {
  let s = $labelDiv.html();
  if (s.includes('default[')) {
    let match = s.match(new RegExp(lang + '\\[(.*?)\\]'));
    let translatedText = match[1];
    $labelDiv.html(s.replace(/(\w+\[.*?\])+/, translatedText));