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I have between 200-600 options per Product.  Each one requires a different SKU.

I have noticed there are many apps that get past the 100 variant limit on Shopify BUT need an app that also lets me have a different SKU per option

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May I know have you tried to use product option apps such as Best Custom Product Options, Product Personalizer by Zepto, etc. I have an article to list the top 5 must-try product option apps here with pros, cons, pricing plans, etc so you can consult. 

I hope my answer can help you. If you find it helpful, you can give it a like. Let me know if you have any further questions!

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Thanks I'll try those out

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The way they get around the variation limit is by adding properties to order lines during checkout. This doesn't let you control inventory for every possible variation.

If you need inventory control for all variations then you would need to break out the variations into different sets of products and edit your theme so you swap between a core option.

We help our users sort variations through our product management platform and could probably add automations to generate all the variations into defined products to get around the limit. If you would like to discuss further just send me an email to

In the end you can probably achieve what you are after through Shopify admin in terms of splitting products. And yes I know it isn't the best solution because it's annoying to have to limit products to 100 variations when you need to control inventory!



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