Product Page Options/add-on/upsell/ with a Discount

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On the product page, i.e. baseball bat, we want to offer a few common accessories at a discount. For example, the client is contemplating the baseball bat purchase. They may also purchase a batting glove and baseball at an extra 20% discount on the accessories only. The client would simply check the box next to the accessory items they wish to purchase on the product page and once they hit 'add to cart' all selected items including the baseball bat are placed in the cart. Due to dealer agreements, the primary product (baseball bat) must not be discounted, only the accessories if purchased with the bat. 

These accessories must be present on the product page, preferably near the top above the description. The discounted accessory offerings being visible on the product page is a differentiating factor that may encourage a client to purchase from us as opposed to another site. There are several apps that display discounted accessories after the item is added to the cart however that is not what we need. We need the accessories with discount visible on the product page for everyone to see. 

Does anything like this already exist?



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Hi @jca123  Have you tried Sleek Upsell? Our upsells and cross-sells can be placed anywhere you want. The customization is quite robust and you can add discount codes to your upsells. We have a 24/7 live chat support so you'll never get stuck at any given time. You can also email us at

Oh, and by the way, you can request new features and they'll be added within a week or less.