Product Personalization fields created per number of items selected

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Hi There

I am trying to add a custom text field to my store for personalized mugs.

What I am having trouble with is I have the product listed as 3 prices for value packs, so 1 for $X, 2 for $Y, and 4 for $Z.

What I would like to do is add a custom field line for the number of products selected. If the customer selects the 2 pack then 2 custom field lines should show up and must be filled out to continue to next step.

I want a line for each amount selected as I don't want to leave any chance of any custom text being missed. This would need follow-up with the customer which I would like to avoid.

If a customer wants the 2 pack then they must fill out 2 custom field lines to add to cart, and not be able to add without having any text in the box.

Hope that makes sense.

Is there any app that allows this? Or can this be coded?

Thanks in advance