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One of the products in my organization's store registrations for training. The product has variants that reflect the different locations and dates of training. New this year: the registration price will be based on when a registration is entered compared to the date of the event. Registrations entered early will have a lower price than registrations entered within 30 days of the event. I need an app that will compare the user's order date with the event date and calculate the price accordingly.

Can anyone suggest an app that has this capability? 

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Hi Suzie,

Ruairi from Shopify here :)

There is an app called Sale Rack that will allow you to manage this:

This app allows you to schedule price changes and their expiry dates, so you could for example:

  • Schedule a discount of 20% that expires 30 days before the event
  • Schedule a second discount of 10% that starts 30 days before the event and expires just before the event time (or have no discount for this period)

You could also add in more discounts if there were more tiers to the pricing structure.

- Ruairi

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Oh no! It looks like this app doesn't exist anymore.

Is there another app recommendation? This would solve SOOOO many headaches for one of my employees.


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Hello @BollyXBollywood @Suzie_Lane,

I am John from Report Pundit app.

Report Pundit is a custom reporting app and we can create a report that compares the order date with the event date and calculate the price. We can apply the price rules based on the order date.

The reports also can be scheduled to emails, Google Drive, Google sheets Ftp, and Big query.

Contact us at or our live support for help in creating reports.



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