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I have some products on my store that come in a box of 5. So the quantity selector needs to be quantities of 5 on select products. Some products come in 10s so quantity selector needs to be quantities of 10 on those select products.

At the moment the quantity selector is default increment of 1. Is there a way I can change the quantity selector increment based on what the product is?


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Hi Danny,

One way to handle this is to sell the product as a pack of 5 (or 10). So when the customer select quantity of 1 it means the want a pack of 5. If they select 2 it means they want 2 packs of 5.

Throughout these forums you'll see this approach called 'bundles' or 'product kits'.

If you don't care about inventory then you are done. However, if you want to manage your inventory so that when 1 pack is sold it actually deducts 5 from your stock level you will need to use an App. There are a number that can do that, including ours - Product Assistant.

HTH, Gavin.
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Hello Gavin,

Thank you for your reply.
Our current website shows that they purchase them in a pack of 5. 

E.g 5 @ 11.95 each 

So if we changed to 1 pack it will certainly confuse the customers.
We are part of the funeral trade, and we have to be careful with what changes we make.

Thank you again for you reply


This thread is quite old, but if this helps others who are looking for the same solution for quantity selector with a minimum order number and restrict quantity increments in a defined interval like 5, 10, or 20 (based on different products).

You can use the MultiVariants - Bulk Order app to solve this.

MultiVariants allow you to set quantity intervals for products/variants on the product page as well as on the cart page. You can create multiple rule sets to apply different incremental quantities for different products or groups of products.

You can apply this by setting a fixed quantity drop-down (if you want to limit) like 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, or simply enter the quantity interval you want like 25, this will increase/decrease the quantity with quantity multiplied by 25. Also, it will check your available stock quantity (inventory) while increasing.

Here is a demo product you can take a look at:

Interval quantity/incremental increases

Fixed bundle quantity

Quantity selector (drop-down)Quantity selector (drop-down)