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I'd like to know if it is possible to only display reviews under products in collection pages IF and only if they actually do have a review? If there are no reviews to just not show anything and if there is one, to display the rating of the reviews under the product on collections pages. 

I'm using the Product Reviews app from Shopify.


Khalil from Racka

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Hi there! 

You need to mention your issues more details so we can help. 

To answer your question in general, I would say that you can totally display product reviews on your collection page when there are no reviews at all. In fact, besides the app "Product review", there are more tools you can use to do that. You can try Ali Reviews .

This is also review app which allows you to import multiple customer reviews to your page. This app can import reviews right from supplier source and has "import from CSV file" feature that you can import reviews from other sources or even create review by yourself. Therefore, you can still display reviews to your site even when your products don't receive any reviews. Ali Reviews also allows you to filter and customize reviews, so that you can choose to show good reviews and set up "review pop up" to impress your customers. 

Overall, if you're having trouble with products review, should consider tools like this. Hope this answer can help. Wish you best of luck! 



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Hey - thanks for the suggestions! I've explored what you've recommended below and although they're great solutions, it isn't quite what I'm looking for.

Let me try to elaborate on my original post and give an example. Say you're on a Men's Bracelets collection page and you can see all the products available for purchase. You can see the ratings under the product titles that have been rated but you can also see the products with no ratings appearing with zero stars (no rating). Is it possible to have ONLY reviewed products ratings show up and have the non-reviewed products display nothing at all under the title (as if it were default before the product reviews app was used).

I hope that makes more sense and is a viable capability of the product reviews app. If you need further detail, I can provide screenshots to elaborate a little more.

Thanks again for your time answering!

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@Rackafashion you can try to use Ryviu app, it has this option 

Hi @Rackafashion 

I'm Richard Nguyen - CRO Expert of PageFly page builder app. 

There are a lot of review apps in the Shopify app. Regarding your request, you can consider using the Yotpo Product Reviews & Photos app.

PageFly also integrates with the Yotpo app and it also has Yotpo elements. 

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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