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We're wanting to be able to add Product Upgrades to some of our products. For example, upgrade this kit from a single to a dual for an additional $100. Does anyone know what app would be best for this? Thanks!

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Hi, @TravelSat !


Katy here from Shopify. I hope all is well with you, and welcome to our Community. 


Sure thing! There are some options for this here:



Each app displays a demo store for you to see how it looks in operation, as well as including a with a free trial period for you to test it out on your own store.


If you would like to add this to certain products only, depending on the app set up it would be worth touching base with the app developer to best set this up. You may need to generate an alternative template, to help keep the feature separate from the other products in your store. We have some info to help with this here and you can reach each app developer directly from within our App store.


I have also included some resources which you may find useful in leading up to the holiday seasons:



I hope this helps - do feel free to let me know if you have any questions at all.




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I just looked at the Product Accessories and it doesn't support dynamic carts. Any suggestions?



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I am looking to sell products where the customer can upgrade to a better product for a surcharge.

(not the full price of the item so it can't be added to the site as it's own item)


Item A cost $5 with Bronze

Item A cost $6 with Silver

Item A cost $7 with gold

Item A cost $8 with platinum

But bronze, silver, gold or platinum aren't available on their own as a separate. 

There are too many options to create a new item for each option. Hope that makes sense. 

So I need a set of options that aren't set up as products on their own but have a set value and are not visible to the public.