Product options for posters

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Hello Community,

We are running a poster store and want to add some product options to allow our customers to make certain choices.

But I am struggling a bit with finding the best solution and need some help figuring out what do to. We have looked at both some apps and custom builds with the latter being really expensive like 3k eur.

We have the following poster options we want to add to our store:

1. With white edge and title around image
2. No edge around image
3. White edge and no title

The functionality we need in place is the following:

1. When the customer selects an option like "2. no edge around image" it needs to be translated into a specific SKU. Is it possible to set a logic that each option translates to a specific string that is added to the default SKU ? So if we today have 555-30x40 and the customer selects option "2" we want the SKU to be 555-30x40-NOEDGE for example.

2. We need to choose different product options for different collections. We have different styles and some products should have no options while others need only 1 of the above 3 options. So ideally we want to control product options on collection level.

3. We want the gallery image to change when selecting different options but we do not want the variant images visible in the product gallery. When using the built in functionality for variants all images are shown in the product gallery and we do not want that, we only want the 3 main images we choose as default to be displayed unless certain options are clicked. So basically we will have 3 default images and 2 "hidden" option images

Any ideas on how to do this best?

Thank you so much and have a great weekend  


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@hannahedin Hello there do you have any example please to show? how do you want to look at your page? I need to look into it by getting so much detail from your side if you have any mockup, design example please share with me so I will know exactly which type of collection pages you want to make it. we can connect at

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Thank you for responding What we want to achive is the following: 


Custom product page.jpg