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I am currently running Bold pricing app to set up fixed priced tiers.  We sell our products to customers who are on different tiered pricing, that is, the bigger the customer, the better the price.  I am using Bold pricing app at the moment but I have run in to an issue.  When the product is set up the main product has the inventory allocated to it.  The tiers (I have 3) is displayed as N/A for inventory, however, when a customer that has tier pricing tagged to their account and they wish to purchase more than what is in stock, Bold allows this to happen.  For example, I have 1 off ink, customer want to order 3 under Tier 1 pricing, Bold will allow the order to go through and now I have -2 in stock!

Does anyone have a solution either as a workaround for the issue in Bold or another app that I can have fixed price tier pricing, not volume discount.

Thank you for your help.

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You should contact Bold support.

Or you can create tiered pricing via Selly:

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