Product review app source code to integrate translations

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Hi there,


I have installed Produc Review App (The one Shopify made), and I have no problems with it.


I'm working on a multi languages integration, my own code, using html attributes like lang="en" for example.


I first tried to browse the code, find the strings present in the app and then add the correct attribute. It works, but when I change the language, I do not have translations like everywhere in my page.

I also tried to change the texts directly in the settings of the app. For example "No review yet" becomes <span lang = "en"> No review yet </ span> . Again, the translation is apporximative, it is displayed once in two, sometimes at the beginning of page loading, sometimes at the end, sometimes you need to click on the page to have translation....

I do not understand how is integrated the app to the source code of my theme. I do not understand when theme.liquid or product.liquid will load apps. Can I track a JS event to see when the app is fully loaded?

Can we access the source code of the app? If yes, where ?

thank you so much