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I am working on a project for a store that sells giftcards for experiences tied to certain locations. We would like a way to filter products based on the location input from the user, or maybe a map to show where the "products" are located.

Does anyone have experience with an app with such functionality, or another way of doing it? :)

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Hey there, @abmenzel 


That is a really great idea! The good news is you should be able to pull this off using a third-party product/store search app. Specifically, one that allows you to create your own custom filters that your customers can select (country-based) and then the corresponding products for that filter (country) would display.


I would consider looking into the app Product Filter & Search as they have the built-in filter functionality within their search module. If you would like to see their app in action, they have a demo page that you can check out here (horizontal search option) and here (vertical search option).


Let me know if this helps! If you have any additional questions, let me know.



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Hi @abmenzel,


Try creating location tags or Metafields for your Giftcards. Then use a product filter app like Ultimate search and filter so that your customers can select the  location. You can choose traditional sidebar like this or horizontal tool bar like this to match with your store style.


In addition to location, I recommend you could implement Autocomplete search and more filter options so that users can find what they want more quickly. Some filter option examples are Categories, Brand, Occasion.


Hope it can help.

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Hi there!


If you only want to display relevant products based on your visitors' locations, you could consider GeoIP solutions.


GeoIP solutions can help you detect your website visitors' locations(like country/state/city), and target your visitors with location-specific content.

For example, Geo Targetly. Its particular GeoContent tool can simply help show your products relevant to a visitor's geolocation. Additionally, it can alter almost any content, like headings, contact number, banners, etc. as location-specific.


With such tool, it can be simply set with inbuilt HTML editor and geolocation HTML classes. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.