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Hey guys,

We're looking for a well made, modern looking exit intent pop up.  We used the Exit Offers app which works great but we don't feel it looks very clean or modern even after customization.  We found an app that we really like which displays a modern looking bar at the top of our page, called JustUno....but for our level of traffic, this app would cost around $50 a month for just an exit intent pop up.  

There's another company in our industry who uses Volusion instead of Shopify, and they have a beautiful exit intent slide that comes in from the right side of the page and overall just looks clean, and we'd like something similar or at least more modern looking.  The site I'm referencing is

Does anyone have any apps they can recommend?
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My favorite is Sumo. They have a variety of designs and very customizable.

They also have A/B testing, so you can experiment with your popups to see what gets the best conversions.

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Enjoy the adventure!
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