Providing discounts based on different combinations of items

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Hey there   

I'm currently working on a store (regular Shopify tier, so no Scripts) that sells greetings cards, as well as other products. 

I'm looking for an app to provide an automatic 10% discount code on cards when a customer purchases 10 cards. The issue is that the store also sells packs of 6 cards.

Currently, we can use Shopify's single automatic discount to apply the discount to 10 individual cards, but can't account for customers purchasing a pack of 6 cards + 4 individual cards, nor customers purchasing 2 packs of 6 cards.

Is there a way to achieve this? 





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You can try to offer discount based on cart subtotal.

For example 10 cards is $100, so you offer 10% discount with "minimum purchase amount" is $100

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