[Public Beta Test] Buying Guide application 'Shopping Guide Pro'

Shopify Partner
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Hi guys,

I'd like to invite you for the public beta test of my application 'Shopping Guide Pro', where you can build shopping/buyers guides that will find the best matching product for your customers' needs via interactive interview.

To get a first impression, please find a demo over here:
 - https://mararn1619.myshopify.com/apps/sgp/2/

To join the beta-test, please visit:
 - https://www.secretbakery.io/shopping-guide-pro/beta/
 - Feedback here is welcome, but to deal with specific issues I have installed a bugtracker under that URL

I cant tell you how excited I am: Any feedback is appreciated; Shoot! ;-)


(Ps. If you later would like to migrate content created in the beta into the final, officially released app, we will manage to do that)