Publish shopify app with custom payment method

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Hello Shopify Support

I have submitted an app to shopify for review and my app has got rejected. They says, "Apps that bypass Shopify Checkout are not accepted on the Shopify App Store. Payments and orders cannot be processed outside the Shopify platform."

I have implemented it both on product and cart page. When click on "Pay with chloe", a popup opens asking for all details. When submit the details on the popup, an order is created on shopify with payment as pending and customer receives message/call/email for completing the payment via selected channel. When payment is done by customer, order is marked as paid.

I haven't used checkout APIs as it's mentioned that Shopify Checkout APIs are only available for Sales channel apps.
Also, I receive "422 Unprocessable Entity" error when trying to create a checkout using my custom app. I have allowed scopes for this - read_checkouts,write_checkouts

I haven't used Billing APIs as I do not want to charge anything to the store owner for installing this app, so this app would be free.

You can check app's functionality here:

Please let me know what is wrong with this approach and what can I do to make this app selected for publishing.