Puerto Rico addresses could NEVER be verified!! And this is terrible for many reasons.

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Hi! I have my store since 2013, operating from Puerto Rico.  Ever since, Puerto Rico addresses (not even my location address) could never be verified by shopify.  The interesting thing is that Shopify says they use GOOGLE MAPS for this but, it seems like Puerto Rico locations where not added.  If you don't know, Puerto Rico is part of the USA, and all our addresses work perfectly on google maps, apple maps, and all maps.  There shouldn't be a reason why this is not possible on shopify. It gives us many troubles for example:

- our store address is not verified on the locations page

- we have LOCAL DELIVERY but we cannot use de Route Optimization because none of the local orders have verified addresses and our store location either. We have many Local Delivery Orders and we are always struggling with routes, and since we pay exactly the same as US addresses, we should be able to have the feature.

- when shipping orders, we always get the "address is not verified" notification and sometimes it makes it harder to be able to send items to Puerto Rico addresses.


PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE... WE NEED HELP WITH THIS.  Specially the Local Delivery APP to work perfectly. 


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