Quanter App Review: Can It Really Increase Your Sales and Conversions?

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A new Shopify App allows merchants to professionalize their store by automatically updating the cart price when a user is making a change to the quantity of one or more products that are in the cart, without having the user to click on the 'Update cart' button. The app also allows merchants to completely remove the 'Update cart' button, which makes the checkout page look more clean and professional.

A study has showed that requiring users to commit as less as possible actions while checking out increases the conversion rate and the chance to make a sale.

*Please note that some of the Shopify themes already support that functionality.


Quanter ‑ Auto Cart Updater

Quanter: Auto Cart Update (0.99$, 3 days free trial)


A recent study has showed that the less actions customers are required to do in order to buy a product online - the more likely that they'll end up buying it.

Quanter is a new Shopify app that was created to ease the checkout process for stores that experience quantity changes in their cart page.

Some Shopify and custom themes do not update the cart when a user is making a change to the quantity of one or more products that are in the cart.

This results, in the good case - with customers buying the wrong quantity they wanted - a major loss for the store, or in the worst case - with the customers complaining that they've received the wrong amount of products.


How does it work?

After a one click installation, Quanter immediately starts tracking the cart page for any quantity changes. When a quantity change occurs, Quanter silently updates the cart, and the right price and quantity are being presented to the customer before they check-out.

Another functionality of Quanter is to remove the 'Update cart' button, that sometimes can be confusing for some customers, or just don't fit the vibe or the style of the store.


Who should use it?

1. Stores that don't have the functionality of automatic quantity update after each change in the cart page.

2. Stores that experience quantity changes in their cart pages - usually stores that sell cheap products that customers may buy more than one at a time.

3. Stores that want to look more luxurious, and wish to remove the 'Update Cart' button, which may be confusing sometimes, or just not suitable for the store's vibe or style.



0.99$/month, 3 days free trial


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