Query for a single subscription (recurring) response sample

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Hi, i am trying to get my subscription details using query ( https://shopify.dev/tutorials/make-common-queries-with-billing-api#query-for-an-appsubscription ).  Response sample for Query for a single subscription is show cancelled with single plan details. In recurring plan subscription, is it return all previous expired subscription or only return active one. If return all previous means, how response look like( i want to make script based on response).


Sample response for single subscription (one month)

{ "data": { "node": { "billingInterval": "EVERY_30_DAYS", "createdAt": "2019-05-30T15:50:50Z", "currentPeriodEnd": null, "id": "gid://shopify/AppSubscription/4019585080", "name": "Super Duper Capped Pricing Plan", "status": "CANCELLED", "test": true, "lineItems": [ { "plan": { "pricingDetails": { "terms": "$1 for 100 emails", "cappedAmount": { "amount": "20.0", "currencyCode": "USD" }, "balanceUsed": { "amount": "0.0", "currencyCode": "USD" } } } } ] } }, ... }


Expect - Sample response for single subscription (more than month - recurring)

either recurring response loop comes under 'data' or 'node'