Question about app for product variants

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Hello Shopify Community,

I was wondering if I could get some help with product variants / linking on my store. I basically have certain products that have different colour options/shapes, however, I have set them all up as separate products within my store. I did this because I wanted them to appear as separate products within the main collection/catalogue pages, and within the search bar.

However, I also want the different colours to appear within the actual product page, which will then take the customer to the 'separate product' page when clicked on it. 

Now, if I set up a variant for each of the colours within each product I am just going to end up duplicating the products loads of times. I have actually put in a link to a store similar to mine that has successfully completed this (You can see within the product variant section in the product page), there is a box with many variants, but these are actually all separate products as well, that appear separately within search, and within the main collection/catalogue page.

Could anyone help me out with how I can do this, or what app this is?

Your help is much appreciated,