Rails app infinite redirect loop for some users only (http https) cookies?

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I am having trouble with my app as it gets caught in the redirection loop. The app uses Rails v5.2 , Ruby v2.5.1 , shopify_app v13.4.0 and shopify_api v9.1. 

I have whitelisted redirection urls with https as well as http.  After authorization, for some reason it uses http as redirect_url and Chrome complains about cookie not using

Secure causing the app to redirect in endless loop.  If I remove the http url from whitelisted urls, then I get redirect_uri mismatch. 


I've recommended some who've hade issues to try the firefox browser and they can then successfully access the app.


Does anyone else face a similar issue or have any idea what may be causing this and how to fix it?

Some customers, not all, have been seeing these screens.

One user has left a message when uninstalling "deleting app to reinstall. js file is caught in redirect loop"