Re-connecting Instagram Shopping

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After a failed attempt to set up Instagram Shopping and endless talks with Facebook's Support, I was advised to delete all connections and start from scratch. 

I deleted the catalogs and shops on Facebook, deleted the Facebook Sales Channel on Shopify, and as a result the commerce account disappeared as well. 

I recreated the Facebook Sales Channel, connected it to our Business Manager, set up Facebook Shop - all good. 

But now...I'm trying to connect Instagram Shopping and it seems the app has remembered the Instagram account. Rather than starting set-up from zero, it only gives me the option to continue setup. And when I do, it's telling me the account wasn't approved for Facebook Shopping. 

When I try to set up Instagram Shopping through Facebook's Commerce Manager, I get the following:

"This Instagram business account is already linked to a Commerce account on Shopify. As of August 31, you'll be able to finish setting up checkout on Instagram from your Shopify account."

Is there anyone that has run into this issue or could lend a helping hand? Dealing with Facebook and Instagram is just a nightmare...

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I'm having the same problem. Also struggling to get my Instagram account verified for shopping. Instagram support tells me the website linked to it doesn't have products available for direct purchase. I have no clue why they say that. The website is a Shopify store, the IG is linked to my FB-page in Business Manager. The domain is verified. I've taken it all down and started from scratch - still same problem.

If anybody has a solution to this, please let us know.