ReCharge VS PayWhirl VS Bold - Subscription Apps

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Hi guys,


We're looking at installing a subscription app that works with the Shopify Checkout.


Which one out of ReCharge, PayWhirl or Bold is the best and has the most features for Shopify stores?


Pricing is not a massive issue for us due to the current growth of the business.


Thanks for all your help and advice. 

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We currently have recharge and its very labour intensive to manage. It does not integrate with the shopify checkout and cannot handle any tiered discounts or bundle apps. 

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They are all garbage if you ask me. I cannot believe at this point, with so many subscription businesses, there are not better options out there. We have used BOLD for the last 18 months and if there was any way we could afford a custom site we totally would jump ship.


Bold has the best functionality, but they are like a closed book on data and integrating into other platforms is tedious at best, and most often the response is "you should reach out to our customized tech team that can help with that," which may or may not exist because no one ever responds to any tech request that is custom! 


There's my rant!