[Recommendation needed] Loyalty Program

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I am looking for a tiered loyalty program that can do the following:

  • Silver/Gold/Platinium tiered-based system(yearly spend); you need to spend $x a year to maintain as a silver, gold or platinum status.
  • Free to join; upgrade to different tiers by hitting certain spend, e.g. silver $500, gold $1000, platinum $1500.
  • Each tier will unlock certain perks eg, for platinum, you get to enjoy 20% off all year round.
  • API - For POS integration for our offline retail stores that is not on Shopify POS.
  • Able to support Klaviyo or some form of automated email for birthday month rewards.

So far, most of the loyalty programs are geared towards points system, e.g. $1 spend = $10 points and does not include API to sync my offline customers.

Any suggestions are welcome and appreciated



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what is the software you use for POS? I can help to connect your offline store with any loyalty systems you want.



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Hi @Jin888, I'm Neomi from Rise.ai app,

we specialized in loyalty and gift card store credit solutions.

With Rise you can definitely do the things you are looking for - including an advanced integration with Klaviyo

please send me an email at info@rise.ai with all of your needs and our team will help you do the implementation

meanwhile, you can check our listing page.


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Hi! You can do this with Flits (https://apps.shopify.com/flits). The app lets you set up a loyalty program with reward tiers and customize your customer account.


Here's the "Gold tier" on a store that uses Flits. You can set up such a design and even customize the style by working with the Flits team.


Hope this helps!