Recommendation on Subscription Payment App

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I am looking for a recommendation on a monthly subscription payment app. 


I am only selling one product on my website and that would be through subscription only.  I would like an App where I could have the following option shown to the customer: 

The steps: 

  1. Select quantity 
    1. Option 1 - Price A 
    2. Option 2 - Price B 
  2. Select Roast type 
    1. Option 1 
    2. Option 2
  3. Select Grind Type 
    1. Option 1
    2. Option 2 
  4. Delivery date:
    1. Option 1 
    2. Option 2
  5. Add to Cart button

Also, I would like an app that integrates with another loyalty app so that customers can use their loyalty points/credits to deduct money from their subscription payment. (Any recommendation on a good loyalty app that's compatible with the subscription app would be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks in advance.