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Hi Guys


I run two websites on Shopify, both to do with selling goods within the construction industry. One of the products I sell is Lead, many different widths, lengths and thicknesses. The problem with lead being a metal, is the price fluctuates on a monthly basis which requires me to amend my cost price and my selling price.

I haven't been on Shopify long, I was disappointed that I can't do a CSV upload to amend these two prices, or can I? Failing that, is there any apps you could recommend for updating the selling and cost price? I am aware of the bulk editor, however it's far too time consuming.


Thanks in advance!


Hi @gazzzzzer,

You can update cost per item and selling price by importing a CSV file. Just make sure to tick the checkbox that says "Override any current products..." when importing the CSV file.

If you are looking for an automated solution, then I can help by creating a custom app. I'm a Shopify app developer and I also used to work as a Solution Architect for a pricing software.


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Hi @gazzzzzer ,


I just want to understand more on your price change requirement:

1) Do you change your prices against a specific reference point. And if the reference point prices (in real time basis), you update your prices accordingly.

2) Or you just need to do a %change in your price (i.e increase or decrease) after a certain particular time period.

Accordingly i will be able to help you with some suggestions, from the pricing industry experience that I currently have.. 




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