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Hey everyone!


I've got a little bit of a head-scratcher I'm hoping someone can help me figure out. Here's the gist:


I work for a screen printing + custom merchandise shop that does fulfillment. Recently, we were hired to build a store for a client to help sell and fulfill their merchandise we are making for their fundraising effort. Basically, when someone buys a piece of merch, they would also be opting in to a monthly donation subscription. I've found several 3rd party apps that can facilitate this, but here's where I'm running into a hang up; the initial payment needs to pay out to our accounts to handle labor and the cost of production, but the recurring donation subscription payments need to be deposited to our clients bank account.


Does anyone know of a 3rd party subscription app that allows for this, or of an alternate method to achieve the results I'm looking for?


Thank you in advance for your help!

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Hey Austin, might be late here, but  I think this is exactly what we do at Withfriends, which is a platform that makes it easy to offer memberships for your local business.

✔️ Opt-in to a monthly donation during checkout process

✔️ Bank account for the latter could be set as different from the initial payment

It just takes a few minutes to setup, and runs itself pretty much from there!

Kunal (CTO @ Withfriends)