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Hello Everyone,

I am hoping that there is someone out there that can actually help point me in the right direction. I've used Shopify in the past for projects, and would really like to use it again for my latest project. 


To simplify the idea for sake of discussion, I am setting up a donation/charity site. I am not yet a full blown 501c3 but that is eventually my goal. So for now I am more of a middle man that fundraises for various charities. My kids started an idea 2 years ago that we call "Giving Away Christmas" where we use our money we would have spent on Christmas gifts and we fundraise as much additional as we can. The "draw" is that I ride my bicycle across Florida and back again in 1 day, typically Christmas Eve. 2018 was a HUGE success. 2019 was a bad year which effected logistics. But we are doing this again this year in 2020. Along with this single event, I am working to fundraise year round, which should be a bit more effective once we are able to incorporate fully as a 501c3. We will be focusing on trafficking, this has been a global issue on our hearts for a few years now and with recent news, more folks are starting to more willingly jump on board...good for fundraising.

With that being said, I would like to offer my donors a few ways to donate. And for most of them, there are apps that fulfill what I would need.

  • Direct Donation
  • Percentage of Product
  • Recurring Monthly / Yearly Donation
  • Per Mile on Event Day (with max donation limit)
  • Per Mile per month (with max donation limit)

Per mile per month and per mile on event day is where I get hung up. I am ok with leveraging a couple of different apps if this can be done efficiently. An example would be: 

Donor wants to donate .05 per mile with a max donation of $50 per month. Hypothetically speaking this might be done through a recurring donation of .05 charged on the first of the month for the previous months total. the quantity for that month would be miles ridden. So if I rode 100 miles, their order would be:  Donation $0.05  Qty. 100. But it is important that this not exceed their limit that they set.

Currently I am running a 3rd party application that monitors my account and any time I upload a new ride from my bike computer, it detects this and parses the date, and mileage, then adds that to a Google Calender as well as a Google spreadsheet. The spreadsheet parses all of this data into easy numbers by month. So pulling in that data from that spreadsheet is ideal to get the quantity. (I eventually would like to do this directly with Strava's API, but they have gotten a little strict with their stuff lately.) Even if I had to enter this number in manually on the last day of the month, I could manage (I would prefer to have this as automated as possible).

So, am I reaching to far for what I want to do? Is there anyone willing to help me with this? Please let me know