Reduce checkout bounce rates. Need feedback for app idea

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Hi community!

I'm doing some research about a product I want to build and would like to find out how many of you use Guest checkout or Customer accounts.

I've read some statistics and ~35% of people abandon their carts because the website requires them to create an account. So I would like to get that number as low as possible.

My idea is to create a novel way for creating user accounts. It would only require 2 clicks and no filling out forms or passwords. The basic principle is to require that users SEND an email to login to their account.

A bit of technical details, when an email provider sends an email the "from" fields looks like this:

"Charlie Harper <>"

When receiving an email, we can actually extract the first/last names of the client as well as his email address. For example Gmail will send the name you have set in your Google Account.

With this concept in mind, I've began experimenting with a proof of concept service that can do this for a Shopify website.

I know it sounds strange, so I've made this quick GIF to demonstrate how this would work. This is an account that is signing up for the first time to my website:


Do you think this is something you'd use (in case you are using Customer accounts)?

Also, how much you you be willing to pay for an addon like this?