Referral App for Thank You Page (Discounts For Subscriptions)

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Hey guys, I don't want anything w/ many frills or too expensive (and probably won't even push this much on the front end), but I want to put something on the thank you page to push users who just signed up for my subscription service (via ReCharge) to share w/ their friends to get discounts to be applied on their next subscription bill.  If anyone has anything other than Smile or Referral Candy I'd be interested to know.  If there are any other solutions you guys have those would be much appreciated as well. Thanks guys!


This thank you page (image attached) does a great job at what I'm looking for.

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Hi Reynold Krieg :) 

I think I can help you with that check Refericon. 

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Hi Reynold! How about a free referral program app? We recently launched Talkable Referrals. 

It is very easy to set up, the pop-up with the referral offer will appear on your thank you page. You can customize the design and reward amount if you need. Let me know if you need help with the launch.