Referral, Social Media & Review Marketing by an Innovative Shopify App

Shopify Partner
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Hi Shopify Community, 

I'd like to introduce you our new Shopify app --> FarOut: Social Media Referral.

FarOut is the first platform that taps into every customers' social media networks to promote the store brand and boost their sales, like an influencer

Unlike other apps on the market, customers will share a custom post (not a generic link) that includes their choice of photo, rating, review, plus store's social-media page, hashtags, and website.

Here is a quick demo on how our platform works: 

Just imagine how much your sales will be if every customer gives you a referral and shares a review to all their friends and family on social media.

Looking forward to working with you. 



PS1: In addition to one-month free trial, as a part of our “soft launch” and exclusively for early adopters, I offer you 70% off for a year (with no commitment), in exchange for your valuable time, trust, and feedback.

PS2: Here is a quick blog on what problem FarOut tries to solve and its differentiation with the current apps on the market.