Referral app with a pre-designated free product

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Hi there, hoping someone can help point me in the direction of an app that can help us with the following requirement:

We'd like to set up a 'refer a friend' mechanic which works in the following way:

- Customer refers a friend
- Referred friend places their first order (+ £50) and a specific product is added to their order FOC.
- Original referee receives a FOC specified product or discount voucher (their choice)
- Tiers up incrementally (e.g. if they refer 5 friends, they get a 20% voucher etc...)

All the apps I've found seem to operate on a 'points', 'coupon' or 'discount' reward basis and that's not what I'm looking for (well, not alone anyway). I need an app which I can select a specific product from our catalogue and assign as the free gift.


Any ideas much appreciated!