Referral program by Discount Codes

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So here's the thing, we want to develop two Referral programs in a shop, one is focused to normal users, and the other one is focused on brand ambassadors.

We'll focus on the ambassador Referral program, here's how we want it to work:

This brand ambassadors will recommend out products to their contacts by offering them a discount if they use their unique code, this discounts could be applied on shipping (partial or total discount), fixed discount on their purchase or percentage based discount, but the discount code must be applied at the checkout.

We need to be able to have a report of the performance of this ambassadors, in order to know which one is doing a good job by referring the products with their codes so we can reward them outside the website, so we only need to have the total redemptions and sales amount generated with their codes.

I've seen some referral apps but most of them work through a referral link, which won't work for this purpose as most of these ambassadors will refer offline, just by giving their code. Our program must work by a code, if the link option is included, that's an extra.

The ambassadors program must be private, so that only the ones that we include in the program can be ambassadors, but the codes must be public so any user that knows a code can redeem it.

We'll start with 30 ambassadors, but we're expecting to have over 500, so working by creating the codes manually won't work, because making the reporting for houndreads of codes manually isn't an option.

Any suggestions on how to do this?