Refund from bold upsell app

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Hello Shopify


I mistakenly installed "bold upsell" app and I contacted them they are agreed to refund.

below I have mentioned the chat history between us. 

rajeev shrestha

Apr 29, 14:55 CDT

Chat started: 2020-04-29 07:45 PM UTC

(07:45:39 PM) rajeev shrestha: Hello I was looking for bold bundle but I install this bold upsell. Can you stop charging on my next billing?
(07:45:43 PM) *** Regina joined the chat ***
(07:46:56 PM) Regina: Hi Rajeev, Regina with Bold here. Thanks for reaching out! You would have to uninstall the app under Apps in your Shopify store to stop being charged for it. You will likely still be charged for the current cycle, but not past that
(07:47:26 PM) rajeev shrestha: you can see I just approve charge of 9.99$
(07:47:40 PM) rajeev shrestha: if I uninstall now still I will get charge
(07:47:48 PM) rajeev shrestha: it is by mistake
(07:47:59 PM) Regina: Let me have a quick look
(07:48:01 PM) Regina: May I have your * address, please?
(07:48:21 PM) rajeev shrestha:
(07:48:48 PM) Regina: Thanks! One moment please
(07:51:16 PM) Regina: Okay, yes -- you were likely already charged because we charge on the first day. We can definitely refund you though. We charge Shopify and would need the Shopify invoice number. That number probably hasn't been generated yet, because this only happened today. In that case you'll want to reach out to Shopify and have them reverse the charge instead. Send them a screenshot of our chat ass confirmation to reverse the charge
(07:52:29 PM) rajeev shrestha: okay
(07:52:40 PM) rajeev shrestha: and should I uninstall this chat?
(07:53:30 PM) rajeev shrestha: sorry app
(07:54:13 PM) Regina: Yes please :)
(07:54:38 PM) rajeev shrestha: Thank you
(07:54:54 PM) Regina: My pleasure! Is there anything else I can help with?



Screenshot at Apr 30 01-43-19.png

Thank you