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We need a related products app that can show related products by title or tag. The idea is that we have one style of product in different collections. We'd like to show the products in the same style in the related products area. I have tried the solution that was built-in my Mr Parker theme (but it's simple and only relates the items in the products collection). I have tried 3 Related Products apps- Relatify, ZOOOMY Related Products and WISER Related Products. None of these have worked. Either they've broken our site OR they still don't show related products by tag. Any help would be appreciated. Our site is A good example is We have items in different collections titled and tagged Two-letter Intertwine, but only other notecard in the same collection show in my related products area.

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App Selly can display related products by title or tag for you:


If you need some customization, let's send us a ticket.

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