Remove Facebook shop

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I'm also having this issue, I'm stuck with a Shopify legacy app full of out of stock products with no way to delete. Even when I delete them manually product count sticks at 40.

The app ID doesn't correspond with any app ID in my business manager, so I'm stuck on what I need to delete to remove it. 


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Facebook have said the below, but you get a different answer from every agent so could be innaccurate, as the app ID for my Shopify app doesn't match the 'legacy app id':

"After having a look I can see that this App is the Shopify App itself so you will need to remove this within the Shopify interface on your Shopify account."


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i closed may store almost 2 years . How to remove a shopify shop on my facebook page , I already try to login to shopfy store but i didn't see the the settings . for now i don't have plan to renew may account. I just want to remove the link, please .