Reorder apps that carry over discounted prices

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Hello all,

I run a store where I sometimes had to manually discount products from draft orders. Each product might be discounted differently to suit different customers.

My question is, if a discount is applied to the initial order, and the customers wants to reorder in the future, is theree an app that applies the same discounted price every time the customer reorders? 

I've looked into almost all reorder apps, but it looks like only the store price would be taken for reorders.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greately appreciated.

All the best,


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Hi, Yin!

My name is Jade, I am with the Social Care Team at Shopify.

You can use an app like Customer Pricing (Wholesale & VIP Pricing) or Wholesale Pricing Now - Wholesale, VIP & Member Pricing that allows you to create VIP customers with their own specific discount. The discount code connected to the customer's email address so when you make a VIP customer and they log into your store, they will be able to go through your checkout at the discounted rate you set up for them in the app.

Let us know how this works for you!

Jade | Social Care


Hi Yin,

Did you find a solution to your problem?
This sounds like an interesting problem for us to solve, let me know if you still need some help, maybe we can build an app that solves this.
Can you shoot me an email to to talk more about your use case?

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Hello Yin.

You can manage this by creating different Membership Groups. Use this app Wholesale Pricing ManagerThe solution for you is to tag (automatically or manually) your wholesale customer groups with statuses and then set up special purchasing terms for each status.

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