Report on how many orders each staff has fulfilled

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Hey guys


I'm quite surprised I can't find any information regarding this. I have a Shopify store and have a team of staff who do fulfillment. In order to manage them better id like to have reports of how many orders each staff member has fulfilled but I can't seem to work out how to do it. Or even if it's possible


I've reached out to Shopify who says we can't do it through them and I was hoping there was an app of some sort.




Although I could not find an app to do this directly, you can utilize sales commission apps - you can find a ton on the Shopify app store. 


Some apps which you can look at


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Hi there! It seems you may be able to benefit from utilizing a fulfillment center. If this is something you would like to talk about or if you have questions try OTW Shipping ! They are super open to business consultation.