Requiring a discount app for specific reason

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I have been looking at many apps over this week to apply automatic discounts behind the scene when a user reaches the cart. But none of them do it right, and the native Shopify automatic discounts just isn't flexible enough.

The rules I'm after all base on multiple products in the cart, but not quantity specific:
- If someone has 2 products (which isn't on sale) they get the cheapest one 20% off.
- If someone has 3 products, the customer will get 20% off the mid-range item.
- If someone has 4 products, the customer will get 20% off the cheapest two items.


If anyone could point me in the right direction let me know, happy to pay for a premium service for this - just not been able to find the right solution for these discounts.


Thank you

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Hey @Art_Quickfire, did you end up finding a solution for this?