Resolved - How do I install my unpublished app in my store

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Hi all,


I'm confused, I've read so many articles here but i can't find a solution, hope to find some help here!


So this is in short my situation:

- I've got a shopify shop

- I've created a private app in my shop, so I've got the API profile and secret.

- I've got a PHP script externally hosted where I connect to my Shopify shop through the api provided in the private app

Until this point everything works fine! The connection to Shopify is established and the PHP script is working.


- Now I would like to add this external PHP site into my shop


First I thought just adding a page with an iframe to source the externally hosted PHP script would do the trick, but somehow I can't get this iframe working.. it's not loading.. my conclusion is: iframes are not supported?


Then I found out that i need to open a developer account, make an unpublished app with an app proxy to my external PHP script, connect it to my shop by generating the link to my store, and then execute the generated link to add my unpublished app to the store.


Am I on the right way?


If I am, the point where I'm stuck is: when I execute the generated link it just opens the contents of the PHP site.. but nowhere I have the option to add this app to my shop. Where do I go wrong?


Thanks in advance!


:EDIT: grrrrrrrmbl... just by using SSL in the iframe, the problem is resolved. OK! *delete developer account* haha ;-) Thanks all!!