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Looking for an app to build out a resources or downloads page. I want to list all downloadable stuff for my product in a database and have a page that only has a search bar. User types in a product name/sku whatever and when user selects a product, they see a list of downloadable files for the product. Be it, manuals, images, whatever we want. 

Feel like this is something that should exist already. I'm sure i can build it out using the Files but would take work to get done. 

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Hey, David. 

Peter here from Shopify Support!

I'm not entirely sure how you'd go about creating a page with the search feature (hopefully one of our lovely experts can shed some light on this), however, I thought I'd chime in with something that may work.

What you could consider doing, is uploading your files to the files section, then hyperlinking them into the RTE editor when creating a page. This does require more manual labor, however, would provide your users with the ability to directly download the files. To be fair, the RTE and page editor are fairly limited, however, you could consider using Gempage, Shogun, or Pagefly to get a more desired design. You could go one step further with this process and shorten the links using Google URL shortener so that you can track how many times that file is downloaded.  

Completely understand how the above-mentioned workaround may not be the best suited for what you're trying to create. For this, I've gone ahead and created a feature request on your behalf so that our developers are aware this is a wanted feature and can consider getting this added in a future update. 

Let me know if you have any questions!

All the best, 

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Thanks Peter. We are using Shogun for other things so i'll try it out that way. I want to avoid uploading to files and using the page editor. 

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You have many options depending on the lvls of automation vs manual work that can be done. This type of stuff for 100's+ products needs a system and a workflow otherwise the data entry is a fragile chokepoint.

The following is really for small batches as the admins file uploaders aren't meant for high filesize bulk work and does have a 20MB filesize upload limit, but a pretty massive storage size.

Use a naming convention match some product data like the handle,tag,metafield to a file in your admin files by editing your product templates and uploading files to the file admin

{{ product.handle | append:".pdf" | file_url }}

Or you could use tags like _file_filename9349adev2 and build your file reference that way with a snippet to generate file names and urls

While a discouraged practice if you have a handful of items with small filesizes you could place them directly in your themes assets folder.  This technique is often for thing to do with the brand/services directly like brochuers,to put an excess amount of non-brand non-theme related things in the theme assets

{{ product.handle | append:".pdf" | asset_url }}


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