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has anyone come across an app that will allow you to take pre-orders on selected OOS items, as well as let customers sign up for an email notification when other items have been restocked?



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Did you have any luck with this? I have been looking for the same app, seems like they should go hand in hand in one app.

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Hi @nztack and @illogicallogic ,

I'm surprised I didn't see this thread earlier.

I run an app called PreProduct that lets stores capture customer pre-orders now, but collect payment later on when you're ready.
Meaning you can collect orders for a product, whatever it's situation. It's up to you, if and when you send out payment links out, so you can capture orders risk-free, instead of just collecting an email for out of stock interest.  We also include shipping date etc.. and have an email campaign to keep your customers in the loop.

You can grab it in the Shopify AppStore, or email me at if you've got some further questions/would like a demo etc.




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