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Hi there,
I want to add a pre-order for a particular product and restrict the basket/checkout to only orders of that particular product. Is there an app that could do that? 
I basically want to avoid people pre-ordering alongside other in-stock items as it makes the fulfilment more complicated and time consuming.  

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Hi @katie333 ,

I think I know what you mean. You don't want pre-orders to intermingle with regular orders. As this causes confusion on your end, as well as probably shipping fee issues.

I run a Shopify app called PreProduct, based around 'pay later' pre-orders. Customer's pre-orders go into a separate 'pre-order' cart, which launches on the product page.
These orders will then populate in your PreProduct dashboard, only transferring into your Shopify order dashboard once 'payment links' have been sent out to customers. Payment links can launch to a pre-populated checkout just for that product (so it's kept separate).

There's a video on our AppStore page that explains it a bit better and we have further info here.
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