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Everyone Loves to Save MoneyEveryone Loves to Save MoneydiscountWorks - A Shopify App that adds discount code entry to the Shopping Cart


Hi There,  I Am Tim Jackson.  I am an App Developer that has written my first App for the Shopify Platform.  The App was developed after my dissatisfaction, testing apps on my own store.  I am making my App Available through this forum so that I can get some feedback.  The App has been submitted to Shopify for Approval in the App Store.  The App is called discountWorks. It is designed to provide shopping cart support for the entry of discount codes.  I understand that there are several app that provide the same feature, but I wrote discountWorks to be better than all the other ones. 


Example of Discount WidgetExample of Discount WidgetI have included a link that gets you to the landing page for the App.  From the Landing Page you can pick a plan to start the trial.  The Trial Period is 7 days, but I have left the billing test mode on until the App is approved for the Shopify App Store.  This means that you still wont be charged, even after the trial period ends.


Not just Another Pretty stores your carts, checkouts and orders in an offline database for you to analyze.


My App not only looks good, but it also yields some interesting data on consumer behavior.  For instance, have you ever wondered how many days a customer may take to make a purchase when they have a coupon?  Do discounts improve conversion rate?  Does the average cart size increase when customers respond to discount marketing?  Does cart abandonment go down?  All these questions and more can be answered by discountWorks.  Data collection of consumer buying behavior is a very important feature of discountWorks.  discountWorks saves every cart, every checkout and every order is captured by discountWorks.


Why should I use discountWorks in my Shopify based store?


Discounted Savings are not shown in the shopping cart by default. Some consumers feel that your store may be broken by ignoring discount codes at the shopping cart stage of purchasing. Consumers look for ways to apply their coupons but cant find it. Checking out before knowing the true cost is a recipe for cart abandonment. Huge efforts to recruit new customers through discounted marketing may be wasted because the discount is not emphasized until it is too late. discountWorks was developed to enhance the consumer buying experience by providing a clear way to enter discount codes before checking out.


Benefits of installing discountWorks


The App enhances the shopping cart by adding a discount entry widget right above the subtotal. The Shopify shopping cart experience is very minimal.


Analysis 1600x1200.png

Discount Customers want to see the savings before checking out. Consumers can now see their savings right at the Cart Stage. This is very reassuring and makes customers happy. The Shopping Cart is a main part of the sales funnel but it doesn't do enough to encourage the potential customer to complete their transaction. discountWorks is a marketing tool because it shows the customer a big reason to checkout. Everyone loves to save money.


Surviving The Shopping Cart...


Are you watching how many people come to your shop, spend time, add items to their cart, and then leave without checking out? Do they ever come back? How would you know? discountWorks tracks every cart, checkout and order from your shop. You can find out how many days it takes for a customer to make it through the checkout.


An Example of a Report ScreenAn Example of a Report ScreendiscountWorks collects every cart, every checkout and every order placed in your store. Data is then available to be analyzed later. Understanding how coupons and discounts affect your customer's purchasing habits is knowledge that can make you money. discountWorks provides value, insight and reduces cart abandonment. You have all the data available for viewing online, or downloading it, or printing a report. It's all part of discountWorks.

Give your customers a way to enter a discount code, directly from the Cart Page

Is your potential new customer motivated enough to get through the checkout process? Are you giving them a reason to purchase, today? Discounting can raise revenues and accelerate sales. Shouldn't your discount program be as robust as possible?


discountWorks is a shopping cart enhancement.


It emphasizes the motivating power of savings. Showing a discount code entry widget right above the Subtotal field on the shop's cart page increases conversions.


Run discountWorks on these themes and many more...


*Brooklyn, Narrative, Boundless, Minimal *Venture, Simple, Supply, Pop, Debut

discountWorks has been tested with all the "standard" free themes that Shopify offers. Do you run any other theme? Do you have a custom theme? No Problem, we have provided a customization setting area that can place the discount widget where you want it. Do you want to change the look of the widget? No problem. discountWorks is highly configurable to allow for endless flexibility and styling.


Need Help with configuration? It's available through our support page located at the bottom of the discountWorks dashboard. We take requests :)


*Please note that discountWorks does not yet support cart drawers. In order to use all the features of the app, you need to make sure you are running shop's cart as separate page and not just as a slide out drawer. This can be changed in the "Online Store">themes>customize>Theme Settings->Cart Page->Cart Type>Page.

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