Review Requester for Product Reviews without migration?

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I've been looking for a dead simple way to send e-mails to customers after X days, that accept email marketing. I tried, Loox, but they all require to migrate the existing reviews and use their own widgets. I use Streamline theme, which integrates perfectly with Product Reviews app and I want to keep it that way. No need for pictures, video and all that extra loyalty crap.


I am only looking to add e-mail requests - that's it. I've been searching the store and community posts but I cannot find a simple app to accomplish this and most of the community posts regarding this topic are mostly 3-5 years old. 


Anyone can recommend hands-on experience with this?

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This is an accepted solution.

Mailchimp with an integration app would do this for you, it does involve some setup though.

  1. There's no more official Mailchimp app, but they recommend using
  2. Use the app to sync your sales to Mailchimp
  3. In Mailchimp, make an automation that sends an email X days after a new customer is added to your list
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Thanks for the idea. I actually already had the MailChimp setup for the store but didn't use it at first because I wasn't able to link individual items in the e-mail. But then I realized I could just make one generic e-mail for all purchase followups. Just finished making it and came out super nice. Free and no hassle. Included a small GIF with how to find "Write Review" button and a link to collection with all the products. I feel like this wouldn't be effective for a large shop, but for now this will work perfectly fine :).



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Hello @trakaismikus,

You can install It is all in one app with integration which will prove to be best in terms of reaching your customers and that would avoid customers spamming. It has powerful customer segmentation, custom drag and drop email editor, AI-enabled email scheduling, which can help you to send targeted emails, other than that it also has workflow automation. You can use this platform to send email based on their buying behavior along with all these features, it also has prebuilt workflow and templates. I am sure you will find it useful. 


It has Product reviews and site reviews integrated with email marketing. 




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Did you find a solution to your problem or did you stick only with the mailchimp? 

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I still use Mailchimp to date. Despite the setup process, this has served great for us and keeps all the emails in one place. And unless you have enormous amount of subscribers it's free too. The only downside is that you cannot direct user to exact products they have purchased. Here's how our email looks like:


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Photo was very helpful. Thank you!