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Hi all,


I am looking for a very specific reward points program. It must be able to do what I am about to say. So if anyone knows of any reward points programs that can meet my needs, please let me know. I am hoping there is such a rewards point program on here.


I work with nonprofit organizations. I also work with magazine publishers. I am wanting to set up a rewards program where a donor earns reward points for the donations they make. These points will be put into the donors account manually. Then the donor can use their points to save on magazines. (some magazines can be bought with points for as little as $4!)  And that is the catch. I need to be able to specify how many reward points can be redeemed on a particular magazine. Because they cant be bought for free using points. I dont get paid from the nonprofits. This is a free program. So lets say ABC Magazine. Its $19.95 a year. I want to be able to set it up so you can buy it for say $11.95 a year with 8 points or $7.95 with say 12 points, ETC. I hope this makes sense. Surely there has to be a program on here similar to what I need?


Any assistance would be appreciated.



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I would not even go looking for a reward points program - even if there is one that does exactly that, it will probably be a hassle to configure and cost you way too much for the simple thing you're trying to do.

Instead, let's break your problem down into two distinct parts:
1. You need a way to manually input reward points for each of your customers (which can be done, off the top of my head, using customer notes -
2. Then, you need to have a relevant discount applied to each customer, based on those reward points (which can be done by a - very small - custom app). This should also take care of deducting the reward points from the customer after a purchase that used those points.


The first one can be done, as I mentioned, manually - by deciding on some format, and then updating all of the customers in your shop accordingly.


The second part is a bit more tricky, but can be done using something like, which enables you to write custom tasks that do this sort of thing (while I've never used it to collect information off of customer notes and then apply discounts accordingly, it feels like the right tool for the job).


While this is not the "proper" way to go about this problem, it's a nifty little hack that should solve your immediate problem. The main cost here will be mechanic app, but it's much cheaper than any rewards app you'd install instead.


This should not be super-involved once you get the hang of how mechanic works, and I can definitely help you out in case you get stuck.